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EsteDermal Services

As Sivas Estedermal Beauty and Life Center, we offer you many procedures in the name of beauty with maximum quality, maximum hygiene and an expert staff. All processes are carried out with sterile and disposable products in our company, which offers the best to its clients with a product range consisting of world-famous brands in all applications. Just leave yourself to us to get rid of all skin problems, get rid of unwanted hair, and achieve the look you want with permanent procedures. You are at the address where art turns into beauty.

About EstaDermal

Estedermal Life Since October 2016, we have been serving our valued customers with care. Since the day we opened, we have been growing with an innovative approach based on the philosophy of continuous improvement and we have always provided innovative services to our customers. Our company, which has achieved high customer satisfaction with our state-of-the-art devices approved by the Ministry of Health, and our friendly and experienced staff, prioritizes time, hygiene and human health. In our company, many processes such as laser epilation, microblading, eyebrow design, professional make-up, permanent make-up, lip vitamin, jetpeel, skin care types, eyelash treatments (silk eyelash, lifting, etc.) and crack removal are performed. In addition to these, Estedermal 2nd Branch was opened in October 2018. Here, on the other hand, we do the Turban Design, Hair Design and Professional Make-up of our bride-to-be, as well as serve you, our valued clients, with our giant 4-device slimming unit.

With our growing potential, innovative approach and continuous improvement policy We will continue to bring innovations to our valued clients…


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The address where art turns into beauty...

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